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17 Oct : 23:30

dave#7076 on discord if you need a working link
17 Oct : 23:23

Website back from the (briefly) dead, get on discord if you havnt been here a while....thats my 2022 post done i guess <8
01 Nov : 00:26

Happy Halloween 2021! Well yesterday anyway...
15 Jul : 20:27

How is this website still going?! Haven't used the email I think I would have registered with this for over a decade yet this site's still here. Amazing. Talon
13 Jun : 19:48

Haha, you legends.
13 Jun : 16:21

2020 wassup!

we outta corona lockdown soon...
06 Jul : 21:00

Kingy - done
06 Jul : 20:53

06 Jul : 20:46

WTF is this LOL! Why are there new chatbox posts!
19 Jun : 13:46

17 Mar : 20:02

Who's the admin? Can we get horny_sami reinstated on the members list? =D

02 Feb : 03:38

the yearly chatbox post!
05 Jan : 15:27

Miss these days man, coming on here daily!
12 Nov : 15:40

shout out to maisieeeeeeeeee
13 Oct : 23:17

never die.
original hopper
19 Feb : 16:46

What's up my fellow clanbums anyone remember me and how comes im not on the clanbum member list pretty damn upset tbh
15 Oct : 11:50

30 May : 22:28

reminds me of the college days! ppl remember me
17 Apr : 13:17

what is everyone up to now?

I have finished uni and working now. The last time I played CS I was still in school haha
30 Mar : 22:39

Continuing the 1 post per year tradition

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PCW vs DiE
Tonight 8pm! If you wanna be in the team, be online from 7:30pm for a chance of being picked!
Rascal - Tuesday 10 February 2004 - 18:12:47 - email to someone - printer friendly -
Comments are turned off for this item -

Just a quick 'heads-up'. This site is getting about 3000 visits a day, thats not hits, thats page views, so it's safe to say alot of people visit the site. We have around 100 members and are indexed in Google. "So what?" I hear you say! Well....if ppl post abusive language or torrent links or generally dodgy stuff on this site, it's likely alot of ppl are going to see it. We DO NOT want to get reported for this kind of thing, so I'm asking you all to be a bit responsible with what you post here, otherwise, we will have to disable features or ban users.

This is serious guys....the software thread takes the piss tbh. - I will be editing it heavliy over the next couple of days to strip out all the shit. Sorry about this, but it has to be done. ;D
Rascal - Monday 09 February 2004 - 18:35:19 - email to someone - printer friendly -
Read/Post Comment: 13 -

ClanBUM Members page
You can visit the new ClanBUM Members page here. As you will see, I've only added the 3 Clan test the system. Now, what you need to do is post a comment to this news post with you name if you think you are a member....coz quite frankly, I only want to list active players and I can't remember everyone's cs name. Which reminds me...if you have registered on the site with another name NOT your cs name, dont expect me to know who you are! You must post your cs name, if this is different to the name you are registered with, re-register. The members page lists your website username and this should be your cs name too. Get it? Good, I'll move on....

I dont want any spam on this thread (comments)...not one fucking stupid comment...please take this seriously....I will ban ppl who cant follow a simple request. Its time to start getting organised round here...I'm not going all nazi on you all, but we need some discipline if we expect to win matches against good teams....and right now we don't have any. So, as of now, if Brendakov, Bungle, FatJoe or Rascal ask you to do something clan related....either something to help on the site or to rush b site! Please try and do it!

We have some good players in the clan now, and we can easily field 2 separate teams (details TBC). Lets make sure we dont forget its just a stupid game, but lets not look like 'peons' pls.

/me takes a breathe
Rascal - Tuesday 03 February 2004 - 20:35:31 - email to someone - printer friendly -
Read/Post Comment: 9 -

ClanBUM Ban Stick Competition!
Here's the deal. You have to actually make a Ban Stick...a real one. You then need to photgraph it, or you with it...whatever...then post it in the forum. The best one will be selected by ClanBUM Commanders and will become the Official ClanBUM Ban Stick!

The hompage will then be updated with a warning and a picture of the stick lol.

Extra points will be awarded if you can demonstrate the destructive power of your Ban Stick ;D

nb. ClanBUM accepts no responsibilty for any injuries incurred by either making, handling or using real Ban Sticks! If you are under the age of 12, please ask an adult to supervise you.
Rascal - Tuesday 20 January 2004 - 16:55:21 - email to someone - printer friendly -
Read/Post Comment: 14 -

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...right forward to this that is!

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